Buoy Beer releases 2nd Batch of Foeder Series

Buoy Beer Company is releasing their second Foeder beer. The Brett Saison is brewed with Pilsen malt, oats, and Mecca Grade Vienna rye and red wheat malts, hopped with Czech Saaz and French Triskel hops, and fermented throughout the brewing process with blends of house Brett yeast strains for 26 months. Half of the complex and funky batch was dry-hopped with Strata, Citra, and Azacca hops while another half was conditioned on peaches and apricots, creating two unique batches of the Saison.  

Oak Foeders are sometimes preferred over barrels for beer fermentation because of the opportunity to mature the beer longer and create a slower, more controlled O2 exposure. The higher beer-to-wood ratio gives a subtler wood flavor and allows the beer to develop over a longer period of time. Buoy Beer’s 60 BBL Foeder arrived at Buoy Beer in early 2018, purchased from The Commons Brewery at the time of their closure. Previously, the Foeder was used by Anchorage Brewing in Alaska and was originally made for Harlan Estate, a wine company in Napa Valley. The Foeder addition has been an inspiring acquisition for the Buoy brewers, who are excited to expand the styles brewed and continue to create unique beers soaked with spontaneity and history.

“The Foeder stands in a busy crossway in the brewery between the brewhouse, lager fermenters, and the hop cooler,” says Michael Duron, Lead Brewer. “While there’s not a lot of beer going in and out of the Foeder, there’s an energy of activity that exudes from it, a reminder of the intricacy of slow beer.”

To broaden accessibility, Brett Saison with Stone Fruit was canned in 4 packs of 16oz cans but continues the tradition of featuring artwork from Pacific Northwest artists. The Brett Saison label artwork depicts an octopus juggling fruit in the brewery and was created by Dana Salo, Buoy Beer’s resident graphic artist.

“We want to get this fantastic beer into people’s hands,” says Jeremiah Smith, Sales Director. “After waiting 26 months to get it into a can, our team is excited to share this unique offering from our brewery.”

The Brett Saison with Stone Fruit has been released in cans and draft; the dry-hopped Brett Saison has been released in draft only. Both styles are available throughout Oregon and Western Washington. Check out both version on Untappd: Brett Saison with Stone Fruit and Dry-hopped Brett Saison.

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