Brooklyn Brewer: Brooklyn Lager

The Brooklyn Lager by Brooklyn Brewery is what it says it is. “They are who they thought we were.” I know, cheesy, but we love a good lager. It possesses that true lager quality, smooth and not too thick (insert second joke when you feel appropriate). They are also practicing the new can trend which makes you feel slightly hip while consuming. With 5.2% ALC/Vol. its flavor remains standard – not standard in a bad way, but a quality product.

If you live in New York, you’d do yourself a favor to check out The Brooklyn Brewery. According to the brewery, it’s the largest craft brewery in New York. Next time we head up to visit our New York friends (yes we have friends) we will stop by to check out their season brews and taste a true Brooklyn Lager straight from the tap. For now, I’m telling you to try the lager by can as soon as possible.

The Brewer Magazine Rating: 4 of 5 for a quality lager.



Style: American Amber Lager
Malts: American Two-row Malts 
Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh, Vanguard and Cascade
Alcohol by Volume: 5.2% 
IBUs: 33
Original Gravity: 13° Plato
Calories: 170
Food Pairings: From the most modest picnics to the country’s finest restaurants, Brooklyn Lager is enjoyed with everything from salads to steaks. Brooklyn Lager is at home with pizza, burgers, Mexican food, roast chicken, barbecue, fried fish, pork and Chinese dishes. For cheese, go with manchego, Stilton, farmhouse cheddar and mild Gruyere.
Availability: Year-round
Format: 15.5 gal kegs; 5.2 gal kegs; 24/12oz bottles; 12oz cans; 16oz cans

  • 2010 World Beer Championships: Gold Medal
  • 2011 World Beer Championships: Gold Medal
  • 2010 3rd place
  • 2010 Hong Kong International Beer Awards Winner

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