Why Working Toward Being Sustainable Matters

We only have one planet, and Patrick Crawford, the co-founder of Denver Beer believes it is our corporate and social responsibility to conserve and protect our resources and be more sustainable.

“There is so much that we can do as brewers to reduce waste and energy consumption,” he explained. “We hope that we inspire others to start looking at ways to become more green as well.”

The Colorado brewery was very excited to announce that Denver Beer has partnered with Independent Power Systems to convert its production brewery to 100-percent solar power.

Going solar was very easy, Crawford said, and he said it was “a no-brainer for us.”

The brewery vetted several commercial solar providers and settled on IPS due to their competitive rates and excellent customer service.

“Because we own the building that houses our production facility, we weren’t required to get outside approvals and only have to go through a simple permitting process with the City of Denver,” Crawford explained. “As a business, we believe it is our corporate and social responsibility to do our part for the environment. But going solar also makes financial sense for our brewery. And we think people will feel good about buying beer knowing we don’t burn coal to make it.”

The decision to go solar was very easy for Denver Beer. Crawford noted that Denver has 300 days of sunshine and with the brewery having a huge roof.

“From an environmental perspective, it makes a lot of sense to harness natural energy,” Crawford said.

And from a financial perspective, the project made a lot of sense as well as Crawford said the cash return will be less than five years.

Sustainability is a big part of the conversation in many industries these days. And consumers have shown that they like knowing that the products and companies they support are being produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

From a marketing perspective, Crawford thinks some people may want to buy Denver Beer’s brands knowing they don’t burn coal in order to produce it.

“Our sustainability efforts are now a big part of our brand story, and it’s a story we are excited to share,” he said. “Corporate America has a lot of power to lead by good example. I wish more businesses would make this type of investment. We could power a significant portion of our country with solar power and all breathe a little cleaner air.  Not to mention work to combat climate change.”

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