Tyler White Explains Why You Should Give Back To Your Consumers

It is important for Grayton Beer Company to be deeply involved in our community because we exist to support and enrich the environment around us. We believe that a healthy community must consist of consumers and businesses that aim to give back more than they take. We view the opportunity to provide jobs that support the families of our community, to give charitably to those in need and to enrich lives with high quality beer as a responsibility, and one that we take very seriously.

When our founder Jamey Price moved to South Walton, Florida and the 30A (state road) area over 13 years ago, our town was a blank canvas. It was at that point, after discovering his affection for craft through Sierra Nevada, he decided to open a brewery. That once blank canvas has since developed into a hive of creativity boasting layers of culture. Thanks to those abundant layers we have become a thriving community.

We realize how fortunate we are to live in Santa Rosa Beach and brew “grayt” beer for a living, and we know that we could not be where we are today without the support of the community around us. As a healthy and vibrant community, ours enables its people to maintain a high quality of life. Since Day One, we have set forth with a mission of substance, whether that be through donating our taproom space for fundraisers, staff time, product or merchandise for silent auctions.

In Santa Rosa, Grayton is involved in roughly 70 area events including 30A Songwriters Festival, the Seaside School Half Marathon & 5K and Destin Charity Wine Auction Foundation. These three events alone introduce Grayton to its attendees, but when coupled with the smaller community events we are a part of, we have been able to make connections within our community we might not have had the opportunity to otherwise.

While we spread the beer love among numerous types of charitable organizations, there are a handful that hit close to home. Our brewery is located in Northwest Florida which has an incredibly dense military population. We never pass up on an opportunity to lend a hand to those who have served our country. In fact, every November 11 we host a Veterans Day celebration where all military vets drink free. It’s the least we can do.

Our staff is a family unit, many of which have families of their own, and that is why children’s charitable groups sit near the top of our list for donations. Additionally, we work closely with the local Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Development Council to ensure we are involved where possible in their initiatives to develop our area.

Most recently, we have installed a donation form on our website to help aid in the influx of requests for donations. This allows us to streamline the process and weed out those who do not meet the qualifications such as being a registered 501(c)3.

We open our doors (and taps) to non-profit organizations regularly to help them turn beer into money for the cause. To date we have donated and helped raise thousands for hundreds of charitable causes in and around our distribution area.

Tyler White is the Head Brewer for Grayton Beer Company

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