Breckenridge Introduces Nitro Orange Cream Ale to Round Out Nitro Series Seasonals

Breckenridge Brewery introduces its latest in the Nitro Series seasonal lineup, Nitro Orange Cream Ale. The fourth seasonal release in this series, Nitro Orange Cream Ale is a flavorful throwback to summers days spent poolside and evenings along boardwalks enjoying a creamsicle with a summer crush.

“Nitro Orange Cream Ale is a unique and easy drinking summer beer that got its inspiration from history and nostalgia,” shares Todd Usry, President and Brewmaster of Breckenridge Brewery. “Our Nitro seasonals bring to life each season through inventive flavor combinations. The Nitro Series as a whole is the result of years of experimentation with nitrogen, exploring how it enhances flavor and texture. A nitrogen-infused beer’s cascading pour is mesmerizing and the softness of its mouthfeel has inspired us to play with different styles and ingredients.”

With this release, Breckenridge has put a refreshing summer twist on the historical American cream ale style. Popular in the pre-prohibition era, cream ales evolved as an alternative to the American lager, and they were loved for their fine balance of hops and malts, soft mouthfeel, and light to medium body. Nitro Orange Cream Ale is packaged in Breckenridge’s 15.2 oz nitrogen infused can, and the nitrogen accentuates the smooth character of the style. To trigger memories of summers past, Mandarina Bavaria hops give refreshing citrus aroma that parallels the citrus flavors created by adding natural orange zest during the fermentation process.

Breckenridge Brewery’s Nitro Series delivers that pub draft experience in a portable package. The collection consists of two year round releases, Nitro Vanilla Porter and Nitro Lucky U IPA, and rotating seasonal releases. Previous seasonals include Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latte (fall), Nitro Chocolate Orange Stout (winter) and Nitro Dry Irish Stout (spring).

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