Mountain Gazette and Alibi Ale Works Announce a Limited-Release Collaboration

If you’re nostalgic for the days when dad picked up a copy of the Mountain Gazette and read it cover to cover while drinking a Pilsner, “Your Dad’s Beer” takes you there. Available Nov. 9, “Your Dad’s Beer” (four-packs of 16 oz. cans MSRP $14) is the result of two small businesses partnering to help each other during the current COVID climate and celebrates the rebirth of the Mountain Gazette with Issue 194 on November 16.

Alibi Ale Works and the Mountain Gazette, old ski buddies with shared philosophies and a common location in North Lake Tahoe, wanted to do something fun at a time when fun is hard to find. “Your Dad’s Beer” is a tribute to the good ol’ days of mountain towns, before Covid-19, when things were simple. There’s no fancy-pants flavor mumbo jumbo in “Your Dad’s Beer.” It’s a pilsner. It’s a beer that tastes like a beer. It’s simple, clean, and delicious. And it pairs well with sarcasm and tall tales of mountain lore.

“Your Dad’s Beer” is made partly in jest, but Alibi Ale Works’ Head Brewer Joe Steinfelds says, “This may be the best beer I’ve ever brewed. We’re really proud of this pilsner.”

Mountain Gazette was founded in 1966 as the original alternative outdoor magazine for outdoorsmen who live in real mountain towns and don’t need fancy clothes or fancy beer. But like many folks of that ilk, it’s lived a life of ups and downs including several stretches of dormancy. The new owner of Mountain Gazette, journalist and award-winning film producer, Mike Rogge brings the Gazette back on Nov. 16 as a large format, bi-annual magazine celebrating the eccentric nature of outdoor culture and mountain towns.

“In bringing back Mountain Gazette, it was important for me to partner with a local brewery. Beer is a natural fit while reading outdoor print magazines,” says Rogge. “I love Alibi, so much so that my wife and I threw our son’s first birthday at their Truckee Public House. Your Dad’s Beer is only the beginning of a long relationship between our two brands. Get your four-pack before the hipsters do.”

“We put the same attention to detail into our beer that Mike puts into the Gazette, so this partnership is a no-brainer”, says Alibi co-owner, Kevin Drake. “And we’re really excited to continue the collaboration beers for future issues of the Gazette.”

“Your Dad’s Beer” is available direct-to-consumer Nov. 9 in CA, NV, OR, WA, AK, CO, CT, DC, FL, ID, IL, MN, NM, and N.Y., via

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