Braxton Forms Partnership to Continue Expansion of Garage Beer

Braxton Brewing Co., a local brewery with national recognition, is proud to announce its new partnership with Andrew Sauer, Brand Investment Marketer, forming Garage Beer Co. The new partnership will focus solely on growing distribution, sales and notoriety of the beloved Covington-based craft beer brand. In the new entity, Braxton Brewing will continue to brew the Garage Beer brand, while Garage Beer Co., overall, will focus on fueling stronger, more strategic growth – including attracting new consumers, shelf space and celebrity talent. Braxton Beer Co., to date, has already gained retailer acceptance and new consumer awareness. Today, Garage Beer is the No. 1 craft lager in Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Widely celebrated as the beer everyone needs to fill their garage fridge, Garage Beer’s appeal is largely due to its light, drinkable, affordable and well-crafted attributes.  Now the brand aims to be the brand that makes the Garage the heartbeat of neighborhoods everywhere. Crafted as the beer that you can grab right out of the fridge and give it to your neighbor, whether that neighbor is a craft beer connoisseur or not. Its brand loyalty has continued to grow, thanks to being regarded as a simply great tasting beer.

“This partnership is one we’re really excited about. We’ve learned that it takes a unique skillset to grow a brand beyond your regional footprint, and instead of going at it alone a partnership made the most sense. We wanted to instead take the equity that was there and expand it outward – and we’re doing just that,” shares Jake Rouse, Co-Founder and CEO of Braxton Brewing Co. “As our story states, Garage Beer has always been at the intersection of hard work and innovation. We’ve got a garage full of ideas to inspire what’s next, and we expect to remain committed to these essential core values.”
Sauer, who is well regarded as a CPG marketing expert based on his success at companies like Jim Beam and JM Smucker Company, but most recently Hilo Nutrition which he launched on his own and sees exceptional potential for Garage Beer’s future. “This organization knows beyond the shadow of a doubt that Garage Beer is something special. In reality, it’s what started it all at Braxton Brewing. This team expansion, to us, will allow the Braxton team to do what they love the best, and to get back to their roots as beer makers,” shares Andrew Sauer, President of Garage Beer Co. “While we get to focus on bringing the best light beer on the market to more people, we’ll focus on our Midwest roots first, and expand into new corners of the world who are thirsty for something authentic, innovative and different. We’re all really excited about the growth and expansion potential of this amazing brand.”

In essence, Garage Beer Co. expects to broaden the spirit of the brand along with its retail footprint. By launching a new brand look and refreshed liquid, fans of Garage Beer can try the new beer this weekend at Cincy Beerfest at Duke Energy Convention Center. Now, with a bigger idea, and a story to fuel its growth both Braxton and Sauer believe in the brand’s future more than ever. In that garages have long been a place of community gathering, of families and friends – and coupled with light beer, the team is energized to encourage people to open their garages and build stronger communities. In celebration of community, please join us for a release party on Saturday, February 18th at the Braxton Brewing Co. Covington taproom.

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