Braxton Brewing Introduces Bourbon Maple Barrel-Aged ‘Dark Charge’

Barrels like this are why Braxton Brewing started a barrel program, and it can’t wait for consumers to try this beer. Bourbon Maple Dark Charge has aged for over a year but the inspiration behind this project stems much longer. On Saturday, December 3, the brewery will be releasing a very special, very limited variant of its Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout.

Dark Charge 23 Bourbon Maple is its Imperial Stout aged in some of the most sought after 23-year old Bourbon Barrels in the world, that were dumped and then filled with 100% pure Maple Syrup for a year before being sent to the brewers where it aged this stout for over a year. Clocking in at 11.4 percent ABV, the beer developed over the year of aging to pull in several of the Maple notes to accompany the base stout.

“Projects like this are why we got into brewing, and to celebrate how proud we are of this stout, we’re placing it in a commemorative custom box,” the brewery’s newsletter states.

The 22 oz. bottles will be released with the five other variants of Dark Charge at the brewery’s Winter Block Party. Each box and bottle are hand numbered.

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