Braxton Brewing Celebrates New Processes and Efficiencies

Covington, Kentucky’s Braxton Brewing was excited to announce to its fans that a much anticipated piece of equipment arrived — a malt silo with a capacity of holding 60,000 pounds of base malt.

Currently, the brewery receives its base malt in a “super-sack” of 2,000 pounds. The silo will reduce the number of deliveries and increase the amount of space the staff has to move around in the brewery.

K-Malt spent the week installing the silo and conveyance system to get the malt from the back of the building to the mill. The brewery also noted in a newsletter to consumers that it will add a wrap for the silo in the near future.

Braxton also said it added a new six-ton bulk CO2 tank, replaces the three small tanks that it has had since it opened.

“These may not be the most exciting pieces of equipment, but they are huge steps forward for our continued growth and our team,” the brewery said on its website. “They will reduce labor hours, deliveries, and free up much needed space.”

The brewery expects to add more fermentors in November as well.

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