How to Brand Your Brewery in a Way that Works

​There is no perfect answer across the board on how to make your brand successful. That lies in what you as an owner want to see your brand be, what it means and whom it connects to.

​Tristan Chan, the Marketing Manager for Ratio Beerworks in Denver spoke about how a brewery like the size of Ratio (about 3,000 barrels of draft-only) can find its voice.

​”First and foremost, what I highly recommend is talking with your core team and gathering everyone to define what your brand is,” he said at the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference. “Get some words and core values that represent ​your brand.

“If you can establish who your brand is among the team, then you can translate that with customers across the taproom bar.”

Having a strong brand identity is important for a brewery’s longevity.

“Trying to please everyone by grasping at multiple strategies might be helpful in the short-term perspective, but if you’re trying to establish your brand and have legs, then having your customers know who you are as a brand will help sustain over time,” Chan said. “We sat down and talked about core values and words that mattered to us.

“We are rooted in music, the DIY perspective, counter-culture, urban … and beer is fun, and we like to party.”

​Chan added that once you have that base and define who you are as a company, then it is easier to say no to things.

“Anybody who handles email channels for donations, you know the importance of saying no,” he said. “Knowing our brand means we can clearly state who we are and how we represent our brand.”

It also means that Ratio has been able to define what organizations they want to work with and create the culture around its beer.

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