Boulevard Adds 2 New Options to Lineup of Non-Alcoholic Offerings

Boulevard Brewing Company is expanding its lineup of non-alcoholic offerings with the addition of two new products just in time for dry January. Kansas City’s hometown brewery introduced its first offering in the space in 2021 with the release of Flying Start Non-Alcoholic IPA. As the demand for options has continued to rise in the craft beer industry, Boulevard is excited to add both Non-Alcoholic Wheat with Lemon and Quirk Non-Alcoholic Superfruit Seltzer in 2024.

“There has been a significant shift in drinking culture over the years, which has resulted in a growing demand for non-alcoholic options,” said Bobby Dykstra, executive vice president of sales & marketing for Duvel USA. “We aim to provide a diverse range of craft offerings that provide a rich and satisfying experience, appealing to all occasions and lifestyles.”

Flying Start has received several industry accolades since launching as a year-round offering. Boulevard took home Silver in the IPA Alcohol-Free/Low category at the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2022 and more recently received Silver in the non-alcoholic category at the U.S. Open Beer Championship in 2023 and Gold in the non-alcoholic category at the Beverage Institute Ratings World Beer Championship in 2023.

Building off the success of Flying Start, Boulevard recently released Non-Alcoholic Wheat with Lemon. Unfiltered Wheat has been Boulevard’s most popular beer for more than three decades and with many consumers’ preferences shifting toward non-alcoholic options, the brewery has taken the Midwest favorite and reimagined it with less than .5% ABV, and a flavorful infusion of lemon. This new brew is now available year-round in six-packs of 12-oz. cans.

In addition to Boulevard’s beer offerings, its Quirk Hard Seltzer line has quickly become the top-selling seltzer in the Kansas City market and nearly one-third of the brewery’s overall sales. In the spirit of giving consumers a variety of options for all occasions, Quirk is also launching its first non-alcoholic seltzer. Supercharged with the superfruit flavors of yellow papaya and acai berry juices, Quirk Non-Alcoholic Superfruit Seltzer brings the award-winning flavor of Quirk to all occasions and lifestyles. At just 25 calories, five grams of carbohydrate and less than one gram of sugar, this new flavor is no different from all other Quirk seltzers being made with real fruit juice and ingredient-driven flavor combinations. This new limited release is available now in six-packs of 12-oz. cans.

Whether you’re aiming to start new personal goals in the new year or simply looking for alternative options to mix into your beverage routine, each of these non-alcoholic offerings will allow you to indulge without sacrificing the flavor of your favorite hometown beverages. To learn more about these exciting new offerings, visit

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