Bootstrap Begins Exports to Europe

Bootstrap Brewing is excited to announce that it has begun exporting beer to Europe.

The company joined the Brewers Association’s Export Development Program earlier this year and attended its first Import Festival in February at the Beer + Food Attraction in Rimini Italy. At the show, owners Steve and Leslie Kaczeus were able to meet with importers and distributors to sample beer which directly resulted in partnerships formed with Beer Republic, a BrouwUnie Company based in the Netherlands and Great Brands of Sweden.

Bootstrap Brewing recently shipped its first pallet of award-winning beers to Beer Republic and they will begin hitting stores, bars and restaurants in the Netherlands and other European countries very soon.

“For the initial launch, we wanted all eight styles of Bootstrap’s canned products so we can introduce our customers to their full product line and see which ones are favored,” explained Steven van Eendenburg van Oosterhout of Beer Republic.

Then, in early April, Great Brands received news that two of Bootstrap’s beers, Medal AF IPA and Wreak Havoc Imperial Red, won placements in the Systembolaget’s tender which is Sweden’s state-owned retail monopoly run by the country.

“This is absolutely fantastic news for a brand-new supplier that has never shipped into our market to win two placements straight out of the gate,” explained Jörgen Hasselqvist, owner of Great Brands. “We’re excited to work with Bootstrap to promote their products in Sweden, Finland and Norway in the coming months.”

Bootstrap will attend more international shows to continue to develop relationships with more importers and distributors on other continents.

“This year, we’ll attend shows in the U.K., Sweden, Costa Rica, Japan and any other countries that make sense to continue this momentum,” explained Leslie Kaczeus. “We love to travel, and this new marketing emphasis is a perfect way to sell more beer while visiting countries we enjoy exploring.”

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