The Booth Brewing launches California Red Ale to support Camp Fire Relief

South Korean-born and Eureka-based The Booth Brewing Co. announced that they will be brewing a fundraiser beer to support those affected by the deadly Camp Fire. In tribute to the Camp Fire victims and the recovery efforts, the brewery will be donating all profits from the sale of their “California Red Ale” that was released on December 21st.

“Many of you have asked if we will be brewing a fundraiser beer to support those affected by the Camp Fire and the answer is an emphatic yes!” announced the Booth last week. “California is our second home… We are proud to be in the craft beer community and have the utmost respect for Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and the 1,400+ craft breweries that have joined their nation-wide fundraising campaign.”

While many other breweries have joined in on the Chico-based brewing company Sierra Nevada’s campaign with “The Butte County Strong Resilience IPA,” The Booth is doing things a little differently. Without a taproom, The Booth could not join the rest of the craft brewing industry as Sierra Nevada has asked brewers not to distribute any Resilience IPA they brew. Determined to participate and help relief efforts, the brewery had to get creative.

“While our taproom is in the planning phase, and Resilience IPA is limited to draught sales at the brewery’s own locations, we were unable to join,” the Booth stated on social media. “Instead, in tribute to the Camp Fire victims, we are brewing a special California Red Ale. 100% of proceeds from this sale will support the Camp Fire Relief Fund.”

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