Block 15 Launches PNW-Focused Distribution Company

Block 15 Brewing announced the formation and launch of an independently operated distribution company, Block 15 Distribution. Over the past five years, Block 15’s self-distribution of their own beer has grown to partner with several hundred of the finest markets, restaurants, and beer bars around Oregon and Washington. With this foundation in place, their new distribution company will be focused on providing like-minded artisans access to this network, with the goal of offering the finest possible goods to customers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

“This has been a tremendous undertaking for our team,” explained Nick Arzner, Block 15 founding brewer and co-owner. “After a year-long process of restructuring our licensing company-wide and dialing in our distribution systems, we’re so excited to launch this new endeavor in partnership with companies that we really believe in.”

“We landed on a model that is designed to enable the passionate small and medium-sized producer, with aspirations of moderate growth, to share their artistic offerings throughout Oregon and Washington,” Arzner continued. “All aspects of our approach to distribution—from our fixed length contracts to our overarching mission—will focus on equitable relationships with our partners. As our brewery has developed a robust self-distribution program over the years, we have prioritized efficiency, impeccable care for the product, and enthusiastic relationships with our accounts. We will draw on these same values as we champion the artistic visions of our partner producers.”

Eventually, Block 15 Distribution envisions a small family of artisan producers working in unison to provide the region with high quality and thoughtfully made goods, with a focus on suppliers who emphasize employee welfare, environmentally sustainable practices, and the creation of truly unique offerings that evolve their segment and complement the overall portfolio. At launch, Block 15 Distribution is partnering with de Garde Brewing out of Tillamook, Oregon and Bespoken Coffee Roasters out of Corvallis, Oregon.

“After many collaborations and years of friendship, we are honored to be working with Block 15 for distribution in Oregon and Washington,” said de Garde co-owners Trevor and Linsey Rogers. “We have a huge amount of respect for the people, the beer, and the distribution organization at Block 15, and we can’t imagine a better partner. This project has been in the works for quite some time, and we are excited to get our beers back into regular distribution to all of our favorite retailers and customers!”

Collin Schneider, co-owner and roaster at Bespoken Coffee Roasters, added, “We love everything Block 15 does and are excited to be partnering with such an incredible team in serving the Pacific Northwest! As a locally-minded business that focuses on custom-tailored and carefully produced products, this partnership feels like a natural fit for our coffee and our team.”

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