Bishop’s Barrel No. 16 Coming Monday for Saint Arnold

Bishop’s Barrel No. 16 is another foray into the world of blurring beer and wine for Texas brewery Saint Arnold. It aged its Sorachi Ace Dubbel in Bordeaux red wine barrels — predominantly Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon — for 11 months in the presence of brettanomyces.

BB16 pours a dark/blood red color with a tan head that slowly dissipates and leaves a thin rim around the glass. A pour into a snifter, or wine glass, will bring out an aroma of rich, red wine with sour cherry pie. It’s oaky with a brett funk of hay and earthy undertones. As it warms, an almond-like nuttiness presents itself.

The flavor begins with a reminder that this is a beer: caramel malt and dark fruit sweetness. It quickly takes a turn into a deep, red wine flavor of black currant and tart raspberry. There’s a tannic, oaky bite that complements the overall beer. It finishes with a wine-like tail on the palate. In two words: wine candy.

The beer is ready to drink now, however it will continue to evolve due to the brettanomyces. Enjoy between 55°F and 60°F.

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