Barrelhouse Announces Location of Newest Fresno Taproom

BarrelHouse Brewing Co, is excited to announce the location of their newest taproom BARRELHOUSE RIVERPARK located in Fresno Ca. This Fresno Taproom is slated to open in late summer of 2020, showcasing the unique offerings that have made their three other locations wildly successful. BarrelHouse has experienced amazing growth over the years, which they attribute to their unique taprooms and plethora of delicious craft beers.

“Even before we opened our latest taproom in Visalia in 2017, our sights were set on the Fresno area. I was looking for something very specific, so it took some time. This newest 6,000sqft indoor space will also feature a large outdoor patio, live music, pinball machines and shuffleboard. This spot is a bit different for us because it’s located in the heart of one of Fresno’s hottest areas and we’ve always had to create the hot spot. The fire is already burning at Riverpark, we are just bringing the fuel to make it more of a bonfire than a campfire.” – Jason Carvalho, Owner.

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