Avery Seeks to Strengthen Expanding “Better-For-You” Category

Avery Brewing Company, a pioneering and innovative craft brewery known for its all-encompassing obsession with beer, creates a modern, hop forward, full-flavored Hazy IPA, at only 100 calories and three carbs.

Founder and CEO Adam Avery admits, “This is an extremely selfish brewing endeavor. A beer brewed for me – an aging, wannabe-athlete who “drinks” for a living, and desperately needs to start setting a new and healthier pace in life.” Pacer IPA may not just be for him, though, as increasingly health-conscious drinkers look for lower calorie and lower carb options, driving the burgeoning “better-for-you” category in beer.

Brewing a legitimate, flavorful Hazy IPA clocking in at 100 calories, three carbs, and 4.5% ABV, that sports a mouthfeel and hop character worthy of today’s craft beer drinker, was no easy task. True to the company’s Beer First mentality, the brewers were ready for the challenge, focusing on ingredients that would ensure high returns on the full sensory experience. In addition to traditional malted barley, they incorporated wheat and oats for fuller body, as well as an abundance of southern hemisphere hops, and contemporary dry-hopping techniques to achieve big, juicy, fruity aromas and flavors.

Despite his self-deprecating manner, Avery is actually a long time and devout rock climber and cyclist, embodying the mountain lifestyle of the brewery’s homestate of Colorado. Going big on flavor has always been just as important to him. “After 26 years of exploring and creating beers, I realized I also wanted a real IPA with fewer consequences.” Avery added, “Pacer isn’t about making something I can have a lot of. It’s about making something I want to have a lot of. Especially without getting in the way of my extremely insignificant athletic goals, or the trauma of stepping onto the scale!”

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