Avery to Release 43rd Beer in Barrel-Aged Series with Tequilana

Avery Brewing Company, a Boulder-based craft brewery and maker of White Rascal Belgian-Style White Ale, is thrilled to


Avery Brewing is thrilled to re-announce its 43rd “Barrel Aged Series” beer, formally named Tequilana.  The new name of the tequila barrel-aged sour beer is Tequilacerbus. Turns out, it’s tough to come up with a never-been-used beer name, even when that said beer name is in Latin.

Avery’s new name, Tequilacerbus, is equally as cryptic as other “Barrel Aged Series” beers of the past (i.e. Callipgyian, Xolotl, and Einzigartig). It uses the Latin word acerbus, which means sour or tart. Due to the name update, Tequilacerbus will no longer be released on March 13th. This beer will be available on draft at the Boulder-based brewery on March 27th and will start to hit shelves across the nation in early April.

Tequilacerbus is a light and lingering sour beer with a blast of tequila flavor. Travis Rupp, Avery’s Research and Development Manager and Beer Archaeologist, was thrilled with the amount of tequila that this beer imparts on the nose. “Tequilacerbus,” said Rupp, “has a very pure and huge tequila character. Since this beer was aged in reposado and añejo tequila barrels for seven months, it’s really exciting to smell and taste oak character in the beer such as butterscotch, vanilla, and agave notes since they come simply from the barrels themselves.”Tequila barrels can be difficult to source, but Avery established a great relationship in 2013 with Suerte Tequila, whose headquarters are also in Boulder, CO. What began as an experiment has grown over the years, and Avery now has around 200 Suerte Tequila barrels on-site. To ensure that the barrels do not dry out during their long journey from Atotonilco El Alto, Mexico, Suerte adds some tequila back into the barrels before shipping to Avery. “We have gotten amazingly pronounced tequila character from Suerte’s barrels,” said Rupp, “that’s why we like working with them.”

True to the Barrel-Aged Series, Tequilacerbus is inspired by the Latin scientific classification of the Blue Agave plant used in tequila production. Tequilacerbus will be available nationally in 12-ounce bottles, but once it sells out, it’s gone forever.

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