Avery Launches Little Rascal

At Avery Brewing Company, we’re excited to welcome a new rascal to the family. Add some mischief to your day with Little Rascal: a bright citrus twist on a Belgian-Style white ale. 

Inspired by our love for White Rascal, our flagship Belgian-Style White Ale, our brewers played around with some fun variations on a classic. True to the Avery commitment to quality, we began this new brew with authentic Belgian yeast and a traditional malt bill of 50% wheat. Then we went off script, adding Citron Limon, Meyer lemon, and Lemondrop hops.  

When you pour Little Rascal into a glass, you’ll notice a light straw color that’s slightly hazy. This inviting appearance comes with an aroma of bright lemon. Lemondrop hops enhance the balance of malt sweetness and tart Meyer Lemon. This light and refreshing ale is entirely crushable, with a subtle citrus finish. 

At 4.5% ABV and with just 100 calories, Little Rascal is a slyly sessionable invite to take a little detour from your daily routine. 

We hope you enjoy a little taste of mischief with us. Little Rascal will be available in 6-pack cans across our distribution footprint beginning in March. Find Little Rascal near you with our brew finder.

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