Avery to Increase Partnership with Mahou and Founders

Avery Brewing Co. has announced an expanded partnership with Mahou and Founders Brewing Company, who are now coming on together as 70% majority investors and long-term strategic partners in the brewery.

The objective of this deepening investment is to continue promoting the organic growth of Avery Brewing, strengthening its position in Colorado and expanding its brand presence in the U.S. The three companies will continue to focus investment in areas such as Sales, Marketing, and National Accounts, and will continue to develop a portfolio that combines quality, innovation and creativity, led by its most emblematic brand: White Rascal.

Adam Avery, founder of Avery Brewing, for his part, says that “this collaboration creates more opportunities to continue our dedication to “Beer First,” our team and growth in our craft. We are convinced that Mahou and Founders Brewing Co are the perfect partners to grow our brands and our presence in the market through a dedicated focus on sales, marketing, national accounts and Colorado.”

“Avery Brewing Company is one of the original western craft breweries and the Averys have been friends and confidants for several decades,” -said Founders Co-Founder and CEO Mike Stevens- “Our industry needs folks that want to focus on legacy and building multi-generational breweries and Avery’s dedication to quality speaks volumes to what we all as homebrewers once started. We’re proud to be a part of this legacy and look forward to a great future together.”

“This agreement strengthens the development of Mahou’s business in the United States, a market that is leading the craft revolution and which fits in perfectly with our capacity for innovation and passion for beer culture. For us, this operation represents another step that will bring us closer to achieve the leadership of family brewers in the craft and Premium sector at national and international level”, asserts Alberto Rodríguez-Toquero, General Manager of Mahou San Miguel.

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