Allkind Hard Kombucha Launched by Odell

Following the successful launch of The OBC Wine Project, Odell Brewing Co. is proud to introduce Allkind Hard Kombucha. Allkind is an entirely new venture dedicated to the exploration of fermentation, organic ingredients and complex flavor profiles in hard kombucha.

With plans to launch Fall of 2020, the first flavors of Allkind will be Super Berry and Tropical Turmeric, available in 12oz 6-packs and 16oz singles. With the help of their distribution partners, Allkind will initially launch across Odell Brewing’s 20-state footprint.

The team at Odell Brewing has been experimenting with gluten free products for the last few years. When they decided to move forward with hard kombucha they established Allkind Hard Kombucha as its own brand, separate from the Odell beer portfolio in order to allow for growth beyond Odell Brewing’s existing presence and markets.

“Hard Kombucha is a rapidly growing segment, especially in larger coastal markets where we don’t currently sell our beer. Since we’ve developed a shelf stable product that’s brewed separately from our beer, we want to give it the opportunity to meet new people in further reaching markets,” explains Odell Brewing  CEO, Eric Smith.

Allkind is committed to a traditional brewing process using organic tea, organic natural sugars and SCOBY fermentation. However, unlike most SCOBY fermented kombuchas, Allkind is brewed with a proprietary, lab-supported process that maintains probiotic integrity and shelf stability.

“It was important that we held true to the kombucha’s rich history,” explains Jordan Kelly, Quality Lab Manager. “Allkind was an exciting new challenge that really tested our ability to achieve a traditional ferment with consistency of flavor.”

Allkind Kombucha is brewed with gluten free ingredients, fresh juices and purees, nothing from concentrate, and no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. The brewing team is expecting to achieve USDA Organic and Gluten Free certifications for the product launch.

“We’ve built a separate brewing system and dedicated vessels for this kombucha, which allows us to be sure that the entire product, from ingredients to production, remains completely gluten free and organic,” explains Brewing Innovation Lead, Marni Wahlquist. “These certifications require a significant investment and hold us to a higher standard, which we welcome as a commitment to our fans.”

Allkind Hard Kombucha will share many of the same values as Odell Brewing Co. With a commitment to philanthropy and sustainability, Allkind is a certified member of 1% For the Planet and will join other companies such as Patagonia, Honest Tea, and Kleen Kanteen, in their commitment to give 1% of gross sales each year to approved non profit partners.

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