AleSmith Kicks Off Women’s History Month with Fearless IPA

AleSmith Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of a special, limited-batch beer in honor of Women’s History Month. Fearless IPA, the collaboration between AleSmith’s female employees and their production team has resulted in an amazing American IPA that packs a punch with its combination of Enigma, El Dorado LUPOMAX, and Citra hops. This collaborative brew will be released Saturday, March 4th at their tasting room. Fearless IPA will be available on draft and in 4-packs of 16oz cans that feature the intricate designs of local artist Mary Jhun on the label.  

Mary Jhun is known for surreal paintings out of her studio in Barrio Logan, the arts and cultural district in San Diego, and is well versed in Surrealist Automatism, a method of art working directly from the subconscious without a planned approach. She refers to her work as “emotional self-portraits of a day remembered” for that the method allows the pieces to be thumbprints of haunting memories that delve into the beauty of life, death, and the journey between.  

“Neurons (the name of the art on the label) was a special piece, personally,” says artist, Mary Jhun. “It was inspired by a friend who had a warm and natural presence. I structure her specifically to be made out of a mixture of twig-like neurons, indicating harmonious sparks of energy throughout her body as if they were firing and growing all at once.” This art was made with Derwent pencils and a touch of gold with the girl made to show the subtleties inside a person and how intricate life could be. “My friend was fearless and continued to be so even after her passing. Neurons was created a day after I heard the news, this is for her,” says Jhun. 

Fearless IPA is a bold and flavorful West Coast-style IPA with a bright golden hue. Featuring hops like Enigma, El Dorado LUPOMAX, and Citrus, this brew has bright tropical notes of stonefruit and pineapple. The hop bitterness is well-balanced with malt sweetness to create an incredibly smooth drinking experience. All these flavors combine together in perfect harmony making Fearless IPA an incredibly enjoyable brew! 

“At AleSmith Brewing Company, we understand the importance of honoring and celebrating the tremendous contributions of women who are working in or aspiring to enter the brewing industry,” said Kristen Ballinger, Marketing Manager at AleSmith. “There is no better way for us to recognize these amazing individuals and their inspiring strength, resilience, and impact than by collaborating with them – right here in our own workplace – to create a special beer that pays homage to the incredible women in our company.” As such, AleSmith is proud to continue this annual release for Women’s History Month which brings together our employees to collaborate on an exclusive beer that will be brewed and enjoyed with pride. 

Fearless IPA will be available at AleSmith’s tasting room in 16oz can 4-packs starting March 4th at 11:00am. Mary Jhun will be onsite from 12-4 pm with prints of the label art, floral prints, postcards, and small goods from her studio.  This release will also be available on their online store with shipping available throughout California.  

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