Albert Maltings Implements Digital Factory Portal – DFP, Industry 4.0 platform by Montelektro

Digital Industry Platform – DFP, the latest solution developed by Montelektro, one of the leading automation companies in the food and beverage sector, has been recently successfully implemented in the Albert Maltings plant in Ruisbroek, Belgium. With a project that digitalizes production in this malting plant, Montelektro continues its long-term cooperation with one of its biggest clients, Heineken.

The development of this MES solution results from the valuable knowledge and experience that Montelektro experts have gained in over thirty years of delivering automation and electrical engineering solutions to breweries and other food and beverage plants worldwide. 

By implementing various Process Control Systems (PCS) in different process parts of the plants and completing greenfield, brownfield, and revamping projects, the Montelektro engineering team obtained a deep understanding of the processing technology and the particularities of the brewing and food and beverage industry. 

For a customer-oriented company that follows the Client’s needs, the logical next step was the development of DFP. This unique software solution offers both standard modules and additional options adapted to Clients’ specific needs. The Digital Factory Portal allows detailed insight into all production process phases by examining process and product quality data. 

The web-based application implemented at Albert Maltings plant is integrated with client-server architecture, including SQL database and Cloud connectivity. Its basic functionalities include ERP order planning, task scheduling, monitoring plant status, collecting, and reporting production data, and higher-level data analytics such as KPIs, MTBA, and Golden Batch

It is integrated with the Client’s ERP system for production planning and scheduling, as well as with 3rd party systems for laboratory measurements, predictive maintenance, and human resources. It also provides data reporting and analytics, the basics for implementing corrective measures and achieving better production performance.  

Commissioning the DFP in this Belgian malting plant is also the first-ever implementation of this platform by Montelektro. The company’s management plans to develop and deliver customized solutions to other clients in the brewing and food and beverage industry since the DFP platform can cover various process technologies, and its installations can comply with various and specific customer requests. 

Depending on the Clients’ needs, the solution will continue adjusting to the industry’s demands and new technologies. One of the first steps will be advanced production scheduling that automates the process between ERP orders and production execution on the plant level. 

On the occasion of completing the commissioning process, Mr. Edvin Šafranko, CEO of Montelektro, said: “We are grateful to Heineken for picking us to develop the application that will support the digitalization process in their plant and proud to be a part of the new digital era in the brewing industry as one of the leaders in developing solutions that provide digital transformation of very complex and demanding industrial processes.”. 

Montelektro is a Croatian-based company that provides automation, digital transformation, electrical engineering, and power distribution services to various industries, with over 5,000 projects implemented in 500 plants, including 280 breweries worldwide.

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