Abstrax Hops Bolsters Leadership

Abstrax Hops, a leader in innovative hop products for the brewing industry, proudly announces the addition of two trailblazing executives to their team: Barbara Stone as the National Sales Manager and Tom Nielsen as the Director of Brewing and Beverage Innovation. Both appointments mark a significant stride in the company’s mission to revolutionize hop utilization and inclusivity in the brewing and beverage sectors.

Barbara Stone joins Abstrax Hops with an impressive background in the food and beverage sector, beginning her career at a large ice cream production facility before transitioning to the brewing industry, where she spent seven years at Ninkasi Brewing Company. At HAAS, her most recent tenure, Barbara managed key accounts both nationally and internationally and played a pivotal role in direct partnerships with hop farmers and support for national organizations like the Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA), where she co-chaired the national DEI committee.

Barbara has been instrumental in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the industry, a testament to her commitment to making the brewing world more inclusive. Her involvement in initiatives such as Pink Boots, and now Lifting Lucy through Abstrax’s partnership, highlights her dedication to empowering underrepresented groups in the craft beer community.

As she steps into her role at Abstrax Hops, Barbara is focused on introducing advanced brewing products that redefine daily operations for breweries, moving from traditional methods to innovative, flavor-enhancing solutions. Her goal is to transform how breweries perceive and utilize advanced hop products.

“Joining Abstrax Hops is a pivotal moment in my career that aligns perfectly with my passions for innovation and inclusivity,” said Barbara Stone. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to shape the future of brewing by integrating cutting-edge solutions that not only enhance the quality and diversity of our products but also foster a more inclusive industry environment. My mission here is to challenge the status quo and open new paths for creativity and growth in the brewing world.”

Tom Nielsen is a distinguished figure in the brewing industry, renowned for his extensive experience and pioneering contributions, particularly during his 20+ year tenure at Sierra Nevada Brewing Co and as a co-founder of the Hop Quality Group. 

Tom’s leadership at Sierra Nevada involved not just management but also active engagement in the practical application of research and development efforts, collaborating closely with company partners to ensure the delivery of top-quality products. His skill set includes a robust combination of technical knowledge and strategic acumen, encompassing areas such as new business development, cross-functional team leadership, supply chain optimization, and project management. These competencies have equipped him to drive significant advancements in brewing operations, from enhancing raw material sourcing and quality control processes to innovating flavor profiles and product lines.

At Abstrax Hops, Tom is set to channel his formidable expertise into developing revolutionary hop products that cater to the evolving needs of modern brewers. His focus will be on harnessing cutting-edge scientific advancements and flavor chemistry to create superior brewing ingredients that not only meet the current demands of the industry but also set new standards for quality and creativity.

“I am genuinely excited to be at Abstrax Hops, where the focus on scientific innovation meets my deep-rooted passion for hops and brewing,” stated Tom Nielsen. “Here, I see a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of hop usage and flavor profiling in brewing, driving the industry forward with groundbreaking products. My goal is to transform how breweries everywhere think about and utilize hops, ensuring they have access to the highest quality ingredients for creating exceptional beverages.”

As the Director of Brewing and Beverage Innovation at Abstrax Hops, Tom is eager to leverage his vast knowledge and experience to develop groundbreaking hop products that meet the evolving needs of today’s brewers. His passion for quality and innovation aligns perfectly with Abstrax Hops’ vision of pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in hop utilization.

“We are thrilled to welcome Barbara and Tom to our team,” said Max Koby, CEO of Abstrax. “Their unique skills and experiences are vital as we continue to innovate and expand our impact within the industry. Barbara’s leadership on diversity and Tom’s pioneering work in hop research will undoubtedly propel us towards a future where Abstrax Hops leads the charge in crafting superior brewing ingredients.”

With these new appointments, Abstrax Hops reaffirms its commitment to excellence, innovation, and inclusivity in the craft brewing industry.

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