How 3 Daughters is Creating New Products To Entice Consumers

Brewer Magazine has explored how breweries have worked in ‘Alternative Fermentations’ with Kombucha, Sake, Cider and Distilling.

In Florida, which has the advantage of summer nearly all year, finding an alternate adult beverage for consumers that may happen upon the brewery or are just looking for something new to try was on the mind for 3 Daughters Brewing.

The brewery recently released a new low-calorie sessionable drink, Hard Seltzer.

Coming from the brewery’s lab team, the brewery has been playing around with a few different flavors and Lemon Lime was a recent flavor on tap in the tasting room. 

“The main reason we wanted to do a Hard Seltzer was that it was a new challenge,” said Marketing Coordinator, Jonathan Truong. “We’re always experimenting with new ways to innovate and stay at the front of the pack. What drove us specifically do the Hard Seltzer is that our Head Brewer Ty is an avid runner. He wanted something that you can easily drink after a good run but wasn’t as filling as a beer.

With an ABV of 4.5 percent and at just 90 calories and one gram of sugar, 3 Daughters found a niche that was something outside the norm.

Truong said the lab did plenty of experimenting with different strains of yeast as well as fermenting time to find the perfect balance of ABV and calories.

The brewery is hosting its own run club from the brewery as a way to market the new drink along with posting it to a recent newsletter.

“[The Run Club] is one of the biggest ways we’ve been getting the word out for the seltzer,” Truong said.

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