​Unique Opportunities Can Abound​

​Creating a new venue to share your brewery’s story is always on the forefront of a brewery’s mindset. More impressions to more potential consumers can mean more sales and the opportunities to find new flavors to share with those consumers.

Maryland’s Flying ​Dog Brewery has struck such an opportunity by creating a hazy rye IPA which will only be available at the MGM National Harbor.

Before MGM National Harbor even opened, Flying Dog was very proactive in educating its staff on craft beer, explained Flying Dog’s Director of Communications, Erin Weston.

“Alongside our wholesaler, we held (and continue to hold) staff trainings with our Flying Dog University program that ended with Certified Beer Server Cicerone certification,” she said. “We were impressed by their commitment to education and respect for our craft from the get-go.”

When Flying Dog works through any potential partnership, Weston said the primary goal is to make sure it’s a good fit.

“It’s not just a numbers game for us,” she pointed out. “After many meetings with the MGM team where we talked through our mutual commitment to the State of Maryland and the DC metro area, we knew we want to proceed with the project.”

MGM National Harbor is a destination not only for the DC area, but across the globe,” she added.

“The experience is completely immersive, so being a distinctive part of that world-class experience was really appealing to us from a brand standpoint,” Weston said.

Let it Rye’d embraces the haze craze within the beer industry with its own style that both craft aficionados and everyday guests can appreciate. Flying Dog achieved Let it Ryed’s unique look and flavor profile by brewing the India Pale Ale with rye, a grain as synonymous with Maryland as crab cakes and the Chesapeake Bay.

​”It felt really good for us to brew a style that consumers are clamoring for but then craft it with an ingredient that makes ours different than any other hazy IPA out right now,” Weston said.

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