​Mother Earth Brewing Co. Sends Groove Rider Hazy IPA Into Distro

Mother Earth announce​d​ Groove Rider HIPA, the first beer in their development series known as Project-X.

Groove Rider is a one-off, limited release specialty beer focused on big impressions from the first sip to the last. Honing in on the ever-popular “hazy” subset of IPAs, Groove Rider is brewed light, but what it lacks in color it more than makes up for with a big hop impression from four well known aromatic hop varietals on full display. Using qualitative methods to create a persistent haze also gives it a fuller mouthfeel on the palate for a well-balanced yet slightly aggressive impression overall.

In addition to outstanding beer offerings, Project-X, as a series is equally as intriguing as it showcases unique labels created by independent artists that have been translated from their original media, be it canvas, street art, or even sculpture. Teaming up with artists to spawn inspired works that tie into each beer’s namesake, Mother Earth has adopted a distinctive concept that shifts the focus from just the liquid in the can, to a sensory experience that makes a piece of aluminum not just a thing of beauty, but a true work of art both inside and out.

“We wanted to brew quality beer styles and to create unique label art that pushes boundaries yet doesn’t require the same long-lead development that a year-round beer does. With our strong growth, remaining slightly irreverent and spontaneous are important qualities to being indie-craft. Project-X gives us the opportunity to collaborate with artists like ourselves, but who practice a different craft, and create something together. It’s a way of maintaining our originality and keeping in touch with our roots.” – Kamron Khannakhjavani/ Director of Marketing – Mother Earth

Groove Rider will be distributed throughout the United States via Mother Earth’s network of distribution partners both on draft and in 16oz/4-pack cans this week.

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