​Making Your Online Market Research Work​

​Connecting with a consumer over a beer at the taproom can be an experience that is worthwhile and can give great information. But tracking and quantifying that can be tedious. With connections made through online means, breweries can shape many aspects ​of consumer interaction and experience.

Rohrbach Brewing sends out a ‘Brew News’ newsletter once per week, which provides a lot of data for Marketing Director Brittany Statt.

“We’re able to easily track open rates and click-through rates and see what content works best,” she said. “Not only has it helped dictate our content, but help decide when the best times are for our readers to receive emails.”

Little things have surprised Statt when it comes to content for a newsletter.

“One specific that comes to mind is how much people enjoy food-related content,” she said. “Sharing recipes about not only food and beer pairings, but recipes on how to cook with our beer receive a high click-through rate or engagement.”

Statt said that they have also learned that sometimes simple is better.

“People love our flagship beers and therefore sometimes appreciate variations of those even more than entirely new beers,” she noted.

Statt added that it’s important to not just throw darts at a board but to decide on a new beer or a new strategy because you know it’s going to be successful.

“We’re a small company, people work here and depend on our success,” she said. “Research from our consumers is huge — they’re the ones who make us successful.”

Other forms of research that Statt uses include looking at what trending locally on Untappd and why.

“What beer styles have risen in 2019 and is that style something that fits for our brand and portfolio?” she asked. “There’s a difference between copying what other breweries are doing and taking inspiration to make other success your own, and I’m a big advocate for being active in the beer community and taking inspiration from it.”

​Offline connections can be important research sessions as well.

​Rohrbach has the Heidelberg Society​, which is more than a mug club​. Members of Heidelberg Society meet once per month for a beer-centric Rohrbach event​ and ​meeting. ​Statt often use​s​ them​ as a ‘focus group’ to vote on beer styles, designs, and allow them to be involved at Rohrbach.

​”​It’s helped us feel confident in our decision-making; instead of rolling the dice, we’re able to say ​’​okay, people are looking forward to this​.’ “​

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