Want to Market a Thiolized IPA? Try This

The adoption rate for using Phantasm and increasing thiols has been faster than some of the other things the craft beer industry has seen people adapt to. For New Image, it’s been repeatable enough that Brandon Capps does think this is not just a trend, but a new thing that’s going to continue emerging.

“The people who think that it’s just another flash in the pan I personally think they’re wrong,” said New Image’s founder. “But I’m happy to let them miss the opportunity because I would very much like it for myself.”

Capps already feels like New Image has a roadmap to selling its newest IPA lines.

With a year-round Thiolized IPA — Phanny Pack — now available along with fellow Thiolized one-off series like Level and Phantasic, the brewery isn’t going to get stuck in minutia when it comes to explaining what thiols are and what the brewery is doing. Capps, New Image’s founder, said they learned the hard way during the start of the Hazy IPA movement.

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“Don’t get hung up in trying to explain that stuff,” he said. “Don’t get hung up in trying to convert the people who are not being open to it initially.

“Focus on telling me how it tastes, and describe the experience that you want people to have out of the products to them.”

Capps said to try to ask almost a leading question when having a discussion in tasting a Thiolized IPA with a consumer that wants to know more.

“Have some sort of biased/programmed response of like, ‘Yeah it’s super tropical, and it tastes like an overripe peach,'” he said. “If you just kind of focus on what it is experientially to the consumer, rather than focusing on what it is as a technological or technical feat for the brewery, then I think the adoption rate is faster.”

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