How Sockeye Brewing Finds Marketing Talent

Every team leader has a unique way to find and cultivate its talent. For Sockeye Brewing‘s Mark Breske, sometimes finding that talent can mean individuals coming right through the front door.

“We do a lot of internships and help a lot of recently graduated students get some work experience before deciding if they want to remain in the industry or branch out,” said Breske, who leads the Boise, Idaho’s veteran brewery and brewpub’s marketing and graphic design team.

“Typically, we have new hires spend a day in the brewery, learning the process and what makes each beer unique,” Breske said. “We also provide a lot of educational materials on all of our beers as well as what it means to be a part of the team.”

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With so many breweries coming along, the talent base has been widened so that employers can usually hire someone who has been in the industry and has a long-lasting reputation in the craft beer industry.

That can be important in the hiring process for a company like Sockeye, which opened in 1996 and now touts two locations to provide beer for the entire state along with being one of the largest craft brewers in Idaho in terms of volume.

Breske said that marketing people can be created, but it takes someone who is very intuitive and naturally engrained in a brand to be most successful.

“Like most trades, good instincts and natural ability provide a solid foundation that can be built upon,” he said. “First and foremost, we like people who are passionate about craft beer. Beer knowledge can be taught, but a passion for craft beer has to be present.”

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