Pike Undergoes New Packaging Launch

Leading Pike Brewing Company’s new packaging launch, Pike Space Needle IPA is being released mid-September with a brand-new can design.

Created by co-founder Charles Finkel, the star “P” design was first market-tested on Pike Pils 22-ounce bottles before being adapted for 12-ounce cans in response to overwhelming positive feedback. The new logo will be used across Pike’s beer packaging, evoking the brewery’s retro roots and continued evolution into the future.

Longtime Pike fans will recognize the new design’s through line.

“The star, as well as the sweeping font, have been part of the Pike brand since its inception, appearing on labels since 1989,” Finkel said, “We modernized our packaging while maintaining a connection to our own history. Rose Ann and I are proud that Pike Brewing Company continues to grow and evolve as the goal is for Pike to become a 100-year-old independent brewery.” Please find photos of the new Pike Space Needle IPA cans attached.

As Pike turns 29 years old this October, an additional three new can designs will join Pike Space Needle, all featuring the star “P” design: Pike Monk’s Uncle, Pike IPA, and best-seller, Pike Kilt Lifter.

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