​Perrin’s Side Hustle Series a Breeding Ground of ​Innovation

Imperial Fudge Cake Stout is ​one of the newest ​part​s​ of ​Perrin Brewing‘s Side Hustle series, a small​-​batch program that allows ​the Grand Rapids, Michigan-area brew​ team to ​find ​creative ways to use interesting ingredients and techniques​ on the brew deck​.

“The Side Hustle is a team collaboration across all departments,” explained Perrin’s Senior Marketing Manager, Lindsey VanDenBoom. “We may stumble upon a delicious dessert or fruit and think to ourselves ‘Hmm, this might be interesting in a beer!’

“We bring back flavor ideas and new styles to the table and all come up with what is next in the series.”

As supply issues abound, Perrin’s packaging team ​did the smart thing of using previously printed cans with ​shrink ​sleeves over the top.

VanDenBoom said that it was a way to help alleviate old ​printed can ​stock while not having to print new cans or use blank​ brites that need a sticker label.

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“Since the recent shortage in aluminum cans, we have been utilizing older cans that won’t be produced and sold into the market​,” she explained​. ​”​It’s a great way to reduce waste and allows for quick turnaround for our brands to market.​”​

Imperial Fudge Cake Stout was brewed in collaboration with local Grand Rapids bakery and restaurant, Beer City Bread Company. It was inspired by a mainstay dessert of Mackinaw Island Fudge cake.

“It’s really fun working with something like Beer City Bread’s Mackinaw Island Fudge Cake,” said Perrin’s Connor Klopcic, Director of Brewing Operations. “It’s such a delicious cake and emulating its flavors was a fun challenge – although throwing 10 cakes directly into the mash definitely helps.”

The addition of the extremely fudgy cake offers up notes of rich chocolate and a sweet, malty finish.

Perrin releases a new Side Hustle Series beer every other month​ and some have gone on to see continued success.​

This Spring the brewery saw Pineapple Upside Down IPA become a year-round beer. The beer was a Side Hustle creation for July of 2019 and its popularity made the brewery consider it for year-long status.

“We saw great success in the release that we decided to bring it back full-time,”

Brewed with wheat and lactose to create a creamy cake-like malt body, Pineapple Upside Down has additions of pineapple fruit, Sabro, and Strata hops to create a tropical coconut finish.

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