Packaging Options in Your Taproom

The great thing about packaging innovations for craft breweries is that no matter whether it’s in a can, a bottle, or a keg, that liquid can remain stable.

“With better can liners and oxygen-preventing caps, we’re not really seeing the same problems that used to plague brewers in the past,” noted Angel City‘s Dan Shapiro.

The Los Angeles brewery has been expanding their packaged beers available in the taproom, and currently have about 12 different styles of various vintages.

“Customers definitely appreciate the variety, and our retail associates are great about guiding someone to find a beer they’ll enjoy no matter what,” Shapiro noted.

Karben4 has always sold growlers out of its taproom. Early in the Madison, Wisconsin brewery’s history that was the only off-premise sale that they offered since it took them almost two years to get to the point of bottling beer.

“The growler business slowed down a bit with the growth in our bottle sales and distribution in the broader market — as one would expect,” pointed out Zak Koga. “It is still a strong part of our business though and has been a good vehicle to get taproom-only beers out to our customers.”

Koga noted that Karben4 is exploring how to offer more small exclusive beers via bombers, growlers and other vessels in the taproom as well.

“I expect that segment of our retail business will grow, but I want to add a strong caveat that this is not a primary growth engine for Karben4,” he said. “This is more an effort to stay relevant in our taproom and make sure we are adding value to all of our loyal customers that have been visiting us since our opening days.

Aysia Morency, the Tasting Room Manager for Tuckerman Brewing believes growler size options have helped with sales.

“It’s been successful for our beer sales to offer both 64 oz and 32 oz growlers,” she said. “Sometimes, people just don’t want to commit to the full size growler, and since they don’t want to be wasteful, I can offer the smaller size refillable howler.

“Our howlers have a swing top too, so it’s a classy looking bottle, which also is a nice way to present a gift. As we move into the summer months where people are camping, hiking, and boating, I’m sure crowlers will become a huge hit. They sure have been a fun addition to the sales of to-go beer from the brewery.”

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