Notes on Beginning PLAATO PRO: A Test Kitchen Analysis

As we all know fermentation is the main science within brewing. The brewer can do the same brew twice with two different yeasts and receive two separate results. 

This year we have the option to play with PLAATO PRO at our Test Kitchen and we’ll update you regularly with our insights. 

Onboarding with PLAATO may have been one of the easiest operations for our staff. I won’t go quite as far as to say it’s a plug-and-play, but it’s so close. 

Once you receive your PLAATO PRO devices you’ll be set up with an onboarding video from the PLAATO team. They walk you through setup, use their software, and troubleshoot. 

One element you’ll definitely need is a desktop switch for your wireless router. We purchased ours on Amazon — an 8-port Gigabit

In our first brew installation, you’ll notice in screenshots that we had an issue with setting our glycol properly to the tank and PLAATO notified us in the evening that the temperature was dropping. 

Additionally, due to the temperature drop, you’ll also see that fermentation stalled. 

However, in person, the fermentation tank is still showing signs of fermentation through our blowoff. 

We’re currently brewing “Zero,” our Irish Red Ale. The specs are SG-1.056 with a target FG-1.004. 

I’m excited to see Zero wake back up digitally so we can monitor active fermentation via the PLAATO PRO cloud. 

As we receive new insights into this process we’ll update you within our Test Kitchen column, but also pay attention to our Facebook Page for posts and Q&A opportunities throughout fermentation.

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