Key Points To Address in Sales To On and Off-Premise Beer Buyers

In New Hampshire with nearly 20 years in the business, Tuckerman Brewing calls themselves a staple for The Granite State. With more than 11,000 barrels in production each year, identifying new avenues of sales and helping continue developing new relationships with retail buyers has been paramount.

Educating those types of beer buyers, especially smaller bars and grocery stores have been places to look for brand development said Cari Frost, a Sales Representative for Central and Northern New Hampshire.

“Some accounts are very receptive to sales reps and what they have to offer, others not so much,” she said. “In order to make sales at these establishments you have to know what they want, what they are looking for and be able to work with them.”

Frost said that offering tastings and promos helps introduce the on-premise and off-premise customer base to a new product and can show how this can increases their sales, which in turn keeps those beer buyers happy.

“People are not only looking for craft beer, but are looking for local craft beer — which we happen to be both,” explained Frost of the situation she deals with. “Just knowing what the account needs and wants will help a lot. Those accounts that don’t necessarily run craft beer on their lines on a regular basis sometimes need some convincing.”

Frost pointed out that Tuckerman bottle conditions its beer, which is a great thing to bring up to buyers that are not sure about purchasing.

“It is an interesting fact that they can then share with their customers,” she pointed out. “Sharing information about the brewery and staff itself also creates a personal connection with the buyers. For example, the owners of Tuckerman Brewing (Nik Stanciu and Kirsten Neves) are at the brewery pretty much everyday and are involved in every decision.”

Also, Frost added, discussing different types of beer that Tuckerman brews and how theirs is different from others on the market is a really important piece to her sales calls to newer beer buyers.

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