How e-Motion Centrifuge Technology Sustainably Saves Electric Consumption, Up to 70%

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Whether it’s a commitment to upcycling used water, or recovering carbon dioxide from the fermentation process, sustainability is top of mind for most responsible brewers. But maybe it’s time to take a closer look at brewery equipment energy output? And Alfa Laval is making it easier to reduce electrical consumption through the latest innovation in centrifuge technology — e-Motion.

What is e-Motion?

Alfa Laval’s e-Motion is a creative and unique way to reduce power consumption by reducing air friction between the centrifuge bowl, and cover by creating a low-pressure environment. Combined with bottom-fed, fully-hermetic technology, brewers can lower electrical consumption by up to 70% compared to a similar sized, top-fed conventional centrifuge.

How a centrifuge is related to an airplane

Did you know a centrifuge deals with the same common force as an airplane? The answer: Air density. It’s a major contributor of resistance to airplanes. Air density decreases higher in the atmosphere, and therefore generates less resistance. In fact, many commercial airplanes intentionally use less jet fuel by flying high in the sky to reduce air resistance.

Similarly, when a centrifuge bowl is spinning at 5,000, 6,000 or 8,000 RPM, the air between the bowl and the cover offers significant air resistance or friction. Motor horsepower, or electricity is required to overcome this air resistance. This air resistance also generates friction, increasing metal surface temperatures on the periphery of the bowl.

Reducing air friction by creating a low-pressure environment around the bowl lowers the power consumption by about 40% compared to centrifuges of similar technology and equivalent size running at atmospheric pressure. Less heat generation also improves hygiene and easier CIP cleaning due to lower fouling.

Improved operator safety

Operators will also benefit from lower noise levels of a centrifuge with e-Motion, which is substantially quieter than conventional brewery centrifuges due to noise generated by air friction.

The bottom line on energy saved

A bottom-fed, fully-hermetic centrifuge will inherently use between 30-60% less energy than a comparably-sized top-fed centrifuge, depending on product flow.

Regardless of product flow rates, an additional 10-15% of energy can be saved through e-Motion, meaning a bottom-fed, fully-hermetic centrifuge with e-Motion can save up to 70% electricity compared to a comparably-sized top-fed centrifuge.

Where to learn more:

Don’t just rely on the internet, or your own research. A truly sustainable brewery centrifuge combines both science and engineering, to help brew consistent and sustainable, high quality beer. Rely on the experts:   

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