Hiring Practices that Work

dogfish head brewery

In your brewing business one of the most difficult, and rewarding, aspects of your success can be hiring. Developing a team and managing that team for one common goal isn’t easy. However, when a team is fully functioning and focused on a like-minded goal, the possibilities are endless.

In all businesses, hiring and team management can take a lot of practice. In my own opinion, some people are born with certain qualities that help them in leadership, but no one is a natural born leader. Great leadership takes many years and a lot of time to cultivate. And, just because you’re growing and adding people under you in your company, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a great leader. Additionally, just because you bring someone on to your team, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be a great team member. This is why hiring is so difficult.

Recently I stumbled upon Dogfish Head’s recruiting video. Certainly they could have developed a fly-by video showcasing all the areas of the brewery, which would have dazzled and been really cool, but instead they opted to focus on the people that make Dogfish Head a great place work.

When employees are excited about coming to work, you know you’re on the right track. It means you probably have a great product, a fun environment and good leaders. What are some of your hiring strategies? Do you have any hiring suggestions that have helped you succeed over the years? Leave them in the comments section and maybe we’ll use you for a story down the line. Until then, here is the recruiting video for Dogfish Head:

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