Expansion Creates Dual Experience for Consumers

Pike Brewing saw a need to expand, both on the brewery side and in the Pike experience for people visiting the brewery.

Enter Tankard & Tun, a restaurant, oyster bar and brew deck adjoining an expanded fermentation cellar. The addition is slated to open in early summer and will be located directly above The Pike Pub.

“The expanded fermentation capacity will allow our talented brewers to flex their creative muscles and brew more innovative and unique beers,” said Zan McColloch-Lussier, the brewery’s Communications and Events Director. “The new restaurant will allow us to hone in on our passion for beer & food pairing and deliver that to guests in a more refined, yet welcoming, space.”

After this expansion, visitors to Pike can enjoy two unique dining experiences featuring locally sourced menus paired with handcrafted beers brewed on site.

Being able to offer consumers an entire experience is paramount to being a local brewery that is looking to win attention at all times. Having everything encapsulated at the brewery also can create new fans of the brand.

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“We believe it is a real advantage to have a brewery which is such a memorable experience for craft beer lovers,” McColloch-Lussier said. “Ours is one of only a few gravity flow breweries and people who tour it always learn a lot about how beer is brewed. This experience reminds people of why we put so much care and thought into what we brew. The Finkels have always been proponents of the joys of pairing beer with food. We brew Pike Brewing Company beer to be enjoyed by itself and to pair well with foods.

“Many people who dine at Pike Brewing Company are introduced to beer and food pairings and we hope it inspires them to pick up Pike Brewing Company beer to bring home and try alongside their own creations.”

McCollouch-Lussier said that the brewery management feels this expansion is viable because demand for the brewery’s beer exceeds its ability to brew it.

“Right now our brewers are at maximum capacity and the additional fermentation capacity will help us meet the current and growing demands for Pike Brewing beer,”

McCollouch-Lussier said. “On the restaurant side, we are fortunate to be located in Seattle’s bustling downtown core and adjacent to Pike Place Market. Seattle is synonymous with craft beers and delicious foods. The Pike Pub, which is located within our brewery, is a lively restaurant frequented by locals and visitors alike. Between its success and the expanding Pike Place Market we are confident that Tankard & Tun will be a welcome addition to Seattle’s dining scene.”

The expansion is the brewery’s largest in 21 years. The name, Tankard & Tun, is a nod to the timeless drinking tankard and Pike’s mash tun brewing vessel which is in full display from the restaurant and adjacent brew deck.

The menu will be Northwest seafood centric, with a focus on pairing handcrafted beers with small plates. The restaurant’s design will recall Seattle’s maritime past and includes an intimate dining room, oyster bar and the brew deck which wraps between the 27-year-old brewery’s mash tun and shining, new fermentation tanks.

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