Brew Review: Old World Styles Still Work — Seedstock Brewery

Polotmavys, Broyhans, Fredersdorfer, and Horners. Denver’s Seedstock Brewery isn’t afraid to go old-school in its portfolio.

“We aren’t complicated people, and neither are our beers,” explained co-founder Ron Abbott. “I think customers sense that Seedstock is a little different type of craft brewery from the minute they walk in the taproom.

“We’ve been saying that “craft doesn’t have to be complicated” or perceived as intimidating since we opened, and that resonates with people.”

A year ago, the brewery’s Dusseldorf Alt was honored nationally by Beer Connoisseur as one of the best beers of all time, which really changed the sales trajectory.

“The response to the beer has been fantastic,” Abbott said. “We used to only brew the beer as a seasonal/specialty item, but we’ve had to move it into our regular lineup. We’re very happy about that as we’ve always really loved the beer.”

Seedstock highlights the Alt on its taproom menu and the taproom is adorned with posters that inform consumers of the beer’s recognition along with a prominent feature on its website and they use it across marketing materials.

“We definitely show it the love it deserves,” Abbott said.

It has been a slower growth process for Seedstock and Abbott agrees it’s probably because the brewery sticks to its guns.

“We don’t have the latest fashionable beer that lends itself to headlines, but our story and beers resonate with people,” he said. “Now with that said, we do have one IPA on tap (not six!) – it is not an “East Coast” style or a “West Coast” style, we call it our ‘No Coast’ – and it’s crystal clear!”

We are very fortunate to have incredibly loyal customers who support us and are as passionate about our beers as we are. We still try to have conversations about our beers with our new customers coming in to grab beer-to-go, but obviously, they can’t be the same conversations as if they were sitting across from us enjoying a pint or two. We are appreciative of outlets like yours that want to help us tell our story. At the end of the day, we’re confident that when we’re able to get back to “normal”, customers will want to come back and hear more about our beers and why we brew them.

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