Brew Review: Clean, Crisp & Jangly — Helton Brewing

Brian Helton has been brewing for over 20 years, and he feels that many styles of beers are cyclical. He saw a change about three years ago when many brewers started to challenge themselves by making a Pilsner.
“You can’t hide many flaws and flavors with hops and malt,” he pointed out when talking about a new Pils added to the Arizona brewery’s arsenal, Outlaw Cerveza by Helton Brewing. “You have no room for error when brewing a Pilsner from your yeast health, brew day to packaging. If you make any mistake, you will be able to taste the flaws in the end.
“I think brewers are accepting the challenge to test their abilities. Rarity has been trumping quality for the last couple of years. I think the general public is wanting more quality out of their local breweries and brewers are happy to provide them with Pilsners.”
Helton house band Outlaw Inlaws played during the brew day for Outlaw Cerveza.
“They love to play in dive bars and small venues, which typically only has the domestic beers available,” Helton said. “I wanted to introduce my beer to this demographic.”
The Outlaw Cerveza is lighter in flavor and hop profile than the brewery’s Helton Pilsner.
“People love to have a lighter style, more crushable and approachable beer for their summertime activities,” Helton said. “Everyone has pools and takes trips to the lakes. This beer is made to be in coolers for everyone’s adventures.

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