​Social Media Strategies That Connect with Consumers

For Bonfire Brewing, its social media strategy definitely matters.

“Social channels being an integral part of our marketing strategy has always been a given, and a priority,” said Marketing Coordinator, Cheyenne Richardson. She noted that advancements in technology in the last few years has allowed the Eagle, Colorado brewery to make huge improvements in the quality of the content the marketing team has been able to create, and how quickly it can be completed.

“A steady, yet organic output of professional-looking images and stories that speak to our company ideals and philosophy has always been a successful strategy,” Richardson said. “And while images and video are essential, don’t forget about spelling, grammar, and writing with a consistent voice.”

Posting multiple times in one day seems like it would be effective but ​Richardson has learned it ​makes all of ​the brewery’s posts get a lower reach across the board.

​Bonfire tries​ to limit posts to ​two​ per day with a bit of a gap ​in​between.

​”​Although this has seemed to have worked for us, social media algorithms change so often that it is hard to predict what is going to work best​,” Richardson said​.​ “Spending a little money on boosting definitely helps get engagement from your audience, especially for events or posts that are already doing well.

​”​At the end of the day, we want to make sure that we’re posting relevant content that sticks true to who we are at Bonfire Brewing.​”​

​Richardson said she and the staff try to have a weekly plan for posts to get at least one out a day.

​”​With this short​-​term planning, we can remain up​-​to​-​date with the most current beer releases and events that we want to share with consumers​,” she said​. ​”​This has allowed us to focus on creating content that is timely and aligns with our brand.​”​

Depending on the channel ​Bonfire ​can ​get a lot of reactions or likes from fans, with comments and messages being from those who are regulars or repeat customers. ​The brewery get​s​ the most engagement on posts about events ​or the​ event​ posts​ themselves.

​”​Event-related content usually gives us an accurate idea of how many people are coming to the event and how successful the event should be, as well as creates buzz about our brand in general​,” Richardson said​. ​”Events are also a great way to get online followers to become physical customers, especially with larger events like our Bonfire Block Party.​”​

Another addition to ​the brewery’s strategy that has really increased ​its success on social platforms is including ​its employees in gathering and posting​ content.

It’s usually a day or two a week ​and it not only helps lighten the load ​of the marketing team, but it​​ can also​ take advantage ​of what the staff is doing in the company and ​see them ​outside of the brewery as well​.

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