ZIEMANN Installs 100 Tanks, 72 Manufactured On Site


By installing the forty-second 12,300-hectoliter tank, ZIEMANN has completed the equipping of the new 10-million-hectoliter cold block at the Compañía Cervecera de Coahuila. All the tanks with a diameter of 10 meters were manufactured on site. Thirty further tanks, produced on site, with a diameter of 6 meters, sixteen tanks with a diameter of 6.4 meters as well as twelve tanks with a diameter of 3.9 meters, which were delivered to Piedras Negras in one piece, complete the cold block area.

„We have manufactured seventy-two tanks on site in Piedras Negras and have installed, insulated and supplied with pipes a total of one hundred tanks. The electric installation has started in parallel and now merges into the signal tests and the commissioning of the brewery. We are exactly on schedule. This fact underlines once again our competence in the project management and site organization of turnkey projects”, summarized Ralph Schneller-Reindell, Sales Manager Latin America.

In the current expansion stage to twenty million hectoliters per year and the subsequent extension to twenty-five million hectoliters per year, ZIEMANN – as an experienced and renowned turnkey solution provider – will play a key role. In the first expansion stage of the brewery, ZIEMANN played a leading role, too. The overall project shall be completed in 2017.

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