Wild Heaven Celebrates 12th anniversary with 3-Day Event

If good ideas are a dime a dozen, co-founders Nick Purdy and Eric Johnson honed in on (and executed) the right one when they started Wild Heaven Beer 12 years ago. Through its decade-plus existence, Wild Heaven has created some of the most widely recognized beers highly regarded for taste, creativity, and branding. Beginning with Ode to Mercy Brown Ale and Invocation Belgian-style Golden Ale through to its bestselling Emergency Drinking Beer, ATL Easy Ale, and Sunburst IPA, behind the guidance of Brewmaster Eric Johnson, Wild Heaven has been in constant pursuit of keeping fans engaged.

In recognition of its 12th Anniversary, Wild Heaven will be celebrating at its Atlanta-area taprooms, September 9th – 11th, releasing a series of special Saisons, rare beers from the Wild Heaven cellar, and funky barrel-aged blends. Additionally, each taproom- Avondale Estates and West End, will feature live music, giveaways, and food specials. To kick the weekend’s festivities off, Wild Heaven presents: An evening with The REMakes – A Tribute to Early R.E.M., at The Garden Club at Wild Heaven West End, September 09, at 7:00 pm. Tickets are on sale for $20.00, plus fees, and $25.00, plus fees day-of-show. Full details can be found at www.wildheavenbeer.com.

On top of the 12th Anniversary releases, Wild Heaven’s taprooms will have its regular roster of active beers available, including Sunburst, Emergency Drinking Beer, ATL Easy Ale, Euro-Style Pilsner, White Blackbird, and more. The full release schedule for September is included below. 

For those local to Atlanta or coming for a visit, Wild Heaven has online ordering for its regular roster and pre-ordering on all new releases of its packaged beers. Order online at www.wildheavenbeer.com/togobeer and come inside to the main bars for pickup. For more information, visit https://wildheavenbeer.com/. Stay connected on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wildheaven or on Instagram and Twitter at @beerwildheaven.  


  • 02-Sept: Peach Emergency Drinking Beer 
  • 02-Sept: Pronto Pilsner
  • 09-Sept: 12th Anniversary Saison de Provence (500ml bottles)
  • 09-Sept: 12th Anniversary Saison de York Rye BA Super Saison, Aged in Bulleit Rye barrels (16oz. cans)
  • 09-Sept: 12th Anniversary Saison de Café (Draft Only)
  • 09-Sept: 12th Anniversary Well-Traveled Wild Ale09-Sept: Happiest Hour: Childhood Cancer Awareness Mango Middle Finger IPA
  • 09-Sept: Manhattan-inspired BA Wild Ale
  • 09-Sept: Braselton Brewing Doppelbock 2020 Collaboration
  • 09-Sept: Terminus 10 Tripel Bulleit 2021 Collaboration
  • 09-Sept: Four Stories Quad Bulleit 2021 Collaboration
  • 09-Sept: Fall of Civilization 2019
  • 09-Sept: Ode To Mercy Special Winter 2018
  • 09-Sept: 11th Anniversary Blend 2021
  • 09-Sept: Cloud 9 Anniversary Blend 2019 (Avondale)
  • 09-Sept: Fieldhand 2019 (West End)
  • 09-Sept: Garden Beer Season 4 2020 (West End)
  • 09-Sept: Height of Civilization 2015 (West End)
  • 09-Sept: Height of Civilization 2016 (Avondale)
  • 09-Sept: Mystery BA Blended Sour (Avondale)
  • 09-Sept: Red Beard de Garde 2019 (Avondale)
  • 09-Sept: Gravitational Wave RIS 2020 (West End)
  • 16-Sept: Happiest Hour: Farmstand Peach Apricot Sour
  • 23-Sept: Happiest Hour: Southern Soul BBQ Collaboration (Banquet Clone)
  • 30-Sept: Happiest Hour: Spooky Dark Lager
  • 30-Sept: Happiest Hour: Old Bay Saison with Reid Ramsay of Beer Street Journal (taproom only)

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