Wild Goose Canning Systems Announces the Availability of the WGC 600

Wild Goose Canning Systems’ (WGC) today announced shipment of the WGC 600, a major leap ahead for brewers looking for a high CPM system because it pairs speed with the compact footprint that is the signature of WGC machines. The unit is currently on display at the BrewExpo America, booth #2042 during the Craft Brewers Conference 2015.

Wild Goose has been setting new standards for quality in both equipment and service for years, and the new system underscores that commitment. The WGC 600 leads the field with a patented, dual alternating four-head filling stations, two automated lid dropper stations and double WGC-patented seaming stations. The WGC 600 delivers an 88 – 95 CPM production rate and a footprint of 48” by 108” by 93”.

“The WGC 600 marks a higher level of automation than we’ve ever done before. It’s appropriate for the larger craft breweries, so we’ve expanded our market and delivered a canning solution to a bigger audience, “ said Jeff Aldred, Founder and CEO of Wild Goose Canning. “I also like to think the WGC 600 is ‘upwardly cannable’; it’ll eat the competition alive.”

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