Wild Goose Canning Systems Announced the CE Certification

Wild Goose Canning Systems (WGC) today announced the launch of the WGC 250MCE, the first mobile canning system developed for the European mobile canning market that meets all CE mark requirements.

The WGC 250MCE is a mobile semi-automated four-head filler system capable of producing 38 – 42 CPM. The entire module has a footprint of 38.5” in width by 89.5” in length and 68” in height, allowing for convenient transport in trailers between breweries. Importantly, the WGC 250MCE meets all safety and electrical requirements for the European market, the only system in its class to do so.

“The WGC 250MCE shows our long-term commitment to the European market. It was important to us to deliver a product that was CE-certified so that it was something our customers could depend upon now and in the future,” said Jeff Aldred, Founder and CEO of Wild Goose Canning. “We view our customers as partners, so we want to make sure they are as happy with their system five years down the road as they are the day it arrives at their door.”

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