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New this year: QC Day Add-On Gluten Testing (ELISA assay) Only $50!

Big QC Day® is the least expensive and most comprehensive way for you to continue or begin a QC program for your brewery. We offer a bundle of testing services (an over $500 value) on two beers for only $139. Shipping included for domestic customers only. Sign up by Oct. 2, 2015.

You’ll get test results for such parameters as Diacetyl and IBUs, as well as alcohol, calories, color, real and apparent attenuation, and microbiological contaminants and you’ll be able to compare your results to others from around your region or the world!

Confidentiality: Brewery names and individual results are confidential. They will not be shared with anyone. White Labs does break down the overall results by test and region for publication on its website and elsewhere.

Signing up: To sign up visit yeastman.com and follow the links to lab products. Or call 1-888-5-YEAST-5 or email us. Sending us back information: We welcome your sample information any way you prefer – via computer, phone or fax. Big QC Day is designed so that people order and enter their results via yeastman.com (this is the same place they can review their results after testing). Entering the information directly will reduce errors, will eliminate wasted paper and will get you results instantly instead of waiting for the mail. Just as we take yeast orders by computer and by the telephone, depending on people’s preferences, we will help you through the system if you have any problems or concerns with Big QC Day® testing and yeastman.com entries. We will also reenter the information ourselves if you are unable to do so via computer.

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