West Sixth Brewing to Release Newest Beer in Seasonal Series: Heller Heaven Double IPA in Cans

west sixth ipa

West Sixth Brewing announced today the next beer in their seasonal series: the Heller Heaven Double IPA. It will be available in cans throughout Kentucky in June.

The first beer in their seasonal series, the Belgian Blonde, “Went over incredibly well”, said West Sixth co-founder Joe Kuosman. “The Blonde was a great spring beer, easy drinking in the warm weather.  We’re really excited, though, for the Heller Heaven Double IPA to make its debut, because it’s been one of the most popular beers in our taproom since the beginning”.

“We’ve been making this beer from the very beginning of West Sixth” said brewer Robin Sither.  “Filled with Amarillo and Simcoe hops, and weighing in at a full 9% ABV, it’s a craft beer lovers’ Double IPA”.

Co-founder Brady Barlow said, “Heller Heaven is a crowd favorite because of its strong hop notes accentuated by its dry hopping. It’s not a beer for the faint of heart! Despite its hoppiness, it has a good malt sweetness to bitterness balance, with bold citrus and floral notes.”

The beer is named after Lexington artist Sarah Heller, who was one of the initial artists present in the Bread Box Studio Artists space next to West Sixth Brewing. She was instrumental in the launching of the brewery, and designed and built a giant mural on the side of the brewery made from recycled building and bicycle parts and dripping paint.

The label was designed by Brian Turner of Lexington-based Cricket Press. Brian said: “The can design is a nod to the characteristic paint drips found in the artwork of the beer’s namesake. We went with black and blue because it’s a brew that packs a wallop.”

The beer will be available throughout West Sixth’s distribution area in kegs and cans beginning in June. Cans will be sold in a 4 pack, 12 ounce can set.


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