Wasatch Refreshes Brand, Releases New Beers

Park City’s Wasatch Brewery announces an exciting design refresh, including updates to cans and secondary packaging. The revamped aesthetics align with an upcoming change in Utah legislation allowing stronger beer – from 4% ABV to 5% ABV – to be sold at convenience and grocery stores. The change goes into effect November 1, at which point Wasatch’s new packaging will start to appear on shelves throughout their 20-state distribution footprint.
“Wasatch has been evolving since we laid the groundwork for craft beer here in Utah over 30 years ago,” said Wasatch Marketing Manager Maxwell Christen. Since its inception, the brewery has remained at the forefront of the craft beer industry with provocative branding, innovative brews and a dedication to the Park City community. The new redesign of the Wasatch brand represents a step in the continuing evolution of Utah’s most enduring brewery.
Wasatch’s new design will move away from detailed painterly images and toward clean, bright, font-driven graphics and prominent logo placement. Wasatch’s Creative Director, Scott Doutre, said, “Some elements will feel like familiar reinterpretations of long-standing design icons that have been connected to the Wasatch brand for years. The new packaging is bright and attractive so it will ‘have legs and walk off the shelves’ but still have a strong connection to the brand – irreverent and with attitude.”
To go along with the new look, Wasatch will introduce two new beers – Pickup Lime Sour Ale and Island Hop Tropical IPA. Pickup Lime is a tart, refreshing seasonal release that’s low in bitterness and high in drinkability at 4.8% ABV. Joining the year-round roster is Island Hop Tropical IPA, a fruity, unfiltered, and easy-drinking brew at 5% ABV, boasting notes of pineapple and orange.

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