Wasatch Re-Launches Seasonal Favorites: Pumpkin Ale and Black O’ Lantern Stout

Wasatch Brewery is bringing back two fall fan-favorites with their Pumpkin Ale and Black O’ Lantern Pumpkin Stout, so skip the pumpkin patches and grab some of these fresh beer batches!

Since it was first brewed in 2009, Pumpkin Ale has been a fall mainstay on beer shelves and on draft around Utah. This amber-hued ale is brewed with vanilla, cinnamon, all spice, ginger and of course, pumpkin, delivering the aroma of a fresh-baked pumpkin pie. This year, the pumpkin flavor is bigger than ever before. Pumpkin Ale, formerly 4% ABV, will be pumped up to 5% ABV this fall.

As for the award-winning Black O’ Lantern Stout, it originated where most great ideas do: in the kitchen on a Friday night. Director of Brewing Operations Adam Curfew was enjoying a Pumpkin Ale and followed it up with a pint of Squatters Brewery’s Outer Darkness Russian Imperial Stout. The combination of the spiced pumpkin notes of Pumpkin Ale with the rich, chocolatey notes of an imperial stout sparked Curfew’s mad genius idea to bring them together. The resulting frankenbrew emerged from the lab in Fall of 2012 and has been haunting shelves ever since. This year it manifests at a devilishly delicious 6.66% ABV.

“Drink these scary good brews separately, or take your pumpkin enjoyment to the next level by making a Spooky Black and Tan with equal parts of both,” said Brand Director Caitie Gold.

If cocktails are more your speed, mix lemon juice, apple cider, bourbon and Pumpkin Ale. Pour over ice and add a cinnamon stick as garnish for the perfect fall fusion. Both beers are also great to cook with. Try out some pumpkin beer bread or pumpkin-spiced chilly to warm you up as the temps go down.

Pumpkin Ale fills the Fall session seasonal spot in Wasatch’s lineup of Utah-brewed craft beers. Black O’ Lantern joins the higher gravity seasonal lineup from the brewery, alongside Guava Rosa and Wonderful Winter Ale. Keep an eye out for 12 oz. cans of both across Wasatch’s distribution footprint through November.

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