Warped Wing to release Superba Hoppy Pils

On Thursday, February 8, Warped Wing Brewing Co. will be releasing both draft and 6-pack 12oz cans of Superba Hoppy Pils in their taproom. Superba has an ABV of 5.4% and 35 IBUs.

Superba Hoppy Pils is just one in an ongoing seasonal Lager-style series being launched by the brewery this year. Look for more to follow.

“There is some remarkable beer history in Dayton,” said Nick Bowman VP/Sales & Marketing and Managing Partner at Warped Wing. “We wanted to embrace that heritage, by resurrecting a Dayton beer name from the past while putting a contemporary spin on the beer recipe.”

About the Olt’s Brother’s Brewing Company:

During prohibition the company temporarily manufactured soft drinks, made Polar Distilled Water, and distributed dairy products. The company built a swimming pool on McGee Street. After prohibition ended, the Olt’s Brother’s Brewing Company opened again, selling Olt’s Beer, Olt’s Ale, and Olt’s Superba Beer. Years later the company was sold to the Bruckmann Company, a company of brewer agents. No product was brewed after 1942.

Copy on the Superba can reads:

1933. The end of dark times begin. Prohibition is tamed, and soft drinks become hard drinks once again. Beer brands are reborn. Superba hoppy pils. designed to quench the tastes that live between IPA’s and pilsner’s. Get Noble hop aroma and flavor with a medium hop bitterness. Find your hoppy place.

To celebrate the release, Warped Wing will be hosting a party on Thursday, February 8 at 5 p.m. in the brewery taproom. Some of the Olt family members with be on hand to celebrate the occasion and share stores about their family’s brewery . Superba Hoppy Pils draught will be available in draft and 6-pack 12oz will be available for carryout. The beer will be released to retail partners Tuesday, February 13.

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